Our mission is to assist and teach how we can live healthily and pain free through the 8 laws of health.

The 8 Laws of Health

Ed’s Health Village

Ed’s Health Village is a Christian family ministry that started back in 2018. Eddy is a respiratory therapist and Medical Missionary and Edith, his wife is a registered nurse. Eddy Jean started his Medical missionary because he realized that lots of families and friends were dying because of health issues. So, him and his wife decided to go school and learn how to help people naturally. The Ministry officially started in May of 2018 with his wife by his side and his two daughters Evodie and Elisheba. our ministry has grown by people spreading the word.

Even the smallest of your donations can help & change a life.

Ed Village of health started only on donations. Therefore, all of the donations will go towards helping those who are in desperate need of a change but can’t afford natural remedy. Thank you for your generosity. May God bless you!

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